Most Important of 10 Yugioh Top Decks

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yugioh top decks

Of all the Yugioh Top decks, Backing has had the most success, winning both the world championship (before the September ban list) and the first Shonen Jump after the new banlist. The just defeat it got hit from was the confining of Gale really.

Whilst I still think pure Backing (using Black whirlwind) is arguably the best deck, Vayu Turbo utilizing both the Lightsworn discard engine and the explosive power of Backing monstrosity has caught my attention.

yugioh top decks

There is no such thing as a best YuGiOh deck at the current format. Back in the old days, Tele-DAD was the undisputed best YuGiOh deck due to its speed and consistency, these days, there are many tier 1 decks.

The Yugioh Top Deck Builds

The yugioh top deck builds 2018, 2011, 2017, 2009, 2016, 2010, 2013 – Many dueling followers often wonder “What is the ultimate Yu-Gi-Oh deck construction? What strategies can I use to build a top deck?” Luckily, we have access to several online decklists and databases constantly gathering information about the strongest decks and most-played cards.

yugioh top decks salamangreat

Here’s what made the list:

  2. Magician
  3. Trickstar
  4. Truethfullthfull Draco
  5. Zombie
  6. ABC-Dragon Buster
  7. Global Chalice
  8. Burning Abyss
  9. Invoked
  10. Truethfullthfull Lord Dino

yugioh top decks 2019

Out of the top three best YuGiOh decks at the moment, most people will be familiar with Lightsworn and Blackwing, so let’s talk about the other tier 1 deck that is D-Zombi. I’ll go through the main strategies and play.

Vayu turbo was used by Herman Herrera making it to the final of the post September ban list of the Shonen Jump comp, so it’s worth mentioning here.

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yugioh top decks 2018

You can use all these to bring forth numerous synchro monstrosity rapidly. When you’ve removed everything to quick summon some synchros, you can use burial from a different dimension to bring them all back into play once more.

Basically, the idea is to get Apparition Zombi to sync with Epidemicreader into Brainiac, then discard the Mezuki you will be getting from the Apparition to return something else.

yugioh top decks 2017

At some point you can use the Mezuki to bring back the Apparition Zombi, get the Epidemicreader back using its own effect, sync for something else, and when a few Zombis are removed from play, bring them all back into the grave using Burial.

The choice of lightsworn is Ryko and Lyla, Ryko is excellent in most situations, and Lyla can be used to destroy spell and trap prior to calling out all the synchros via ‘necro-synchro’ (synchro from sepulchre using vayu, then get plaguespreader as well from the sepulchre).

yugioh top decks 2016

Side decking is mainly removal from sepulchre. May be utilized to get rid of opponent’s vayu or extra lightsworn. Mirror of oaths is standard vs gladiator beast, light imprisoning mirror is a must for lightsworn, and fairy wind is quite effective against royal oppression or even just inflict that extra bit of damage through for game. With this kind of speed, you can quite quickly get any cards that you side decked, especially important vs lightsworn. Because even with three light-imprisoning mirrors, if you don’t get them fast then kill them fast, you will still lose.

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yugioh top decks 2013

Of all the top tier decks, using for example: 2 Tomatoes, 2 Apparition Zombis, 1 Sangan, 3 D-draw, one ROTA, two Allure Of Darkness – this is probably the fastest. You can go through your deck really quickly to look for any sided in cards (namely Light Imprisioning Mirrors vs Lightsworn, or even Royal Oppression if you managed to get a few good synchros out fast).

yugioh top decks 2011

With quite a few discard Fodders, you can afford to run a Vortex or two, or maybe a Wing Blast that you can use to defend against Synchro or clear their back row for a quick win.

yugioh top decks 2010

With Bottomless still being run in twos in most decks, the Badly and Epidemicreader / Diva can easily dodge that and make a Stardust in between, pave your way for all the other Synchros. Tomato itself is amazing for not being affected by Bottomless, and can get you the Apparition Zombi. You can also try Armageddon Knight to quickly drop the badly / Epidemicreader.

So simply put, this yugioh top decks salamangreat is created for speed and can quickly drop a huge amount of monstrosity to finish the game quickly.

yugioh top decks 2009

This deck has been around for a long time, the release of Brainiac is what made this so good. Because when you run zombis, you want dead things, and Brainiac can give you dead things fast when gaining you advantage! Best of all, Brainiac is limited in Japan, but not Europe or America yet! So go nuts with it all you want!